After some begging to the developers of Epic Inventor, well actually I asked them and they gave the info to me (I decided to beg anyway) I got the values of the Armour Rating of all the current armour in Epic Inventor so far. Weem also went ahead and gave me the secret formula of the armour rating to damage reduction. So I can proudly say, that all the Armour wiki pages are done!

Next in the Wiki I am also going to start working on the Weapons, I made a few (4, but a few sounds a lot better, doesn't it?) but then I changed to Armour since I wasn't very organized with weapons, now that Armour is all done for this version, it's time to get back to Weapons and then Items and then.... Attachments and.... and then..... Placeables. Writting this I just realized I'm going to take years to get the info out, I really need someone to help me out..... But anyway, I'm going back to working on the Weapons, maybe I'll do the "Blades" first, or maybe the Hammers, because Hammers are the coolest weapon ever.

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