So I got inspired today and I started working on some Copper stuff, it was only when I finished, which was just now, that I noticed, I had done ALL the copper related things in EI! And that's something to be proud of, right? Right?

And on other topic, Epic Inventor has reached Beta with the release of 0.5! The game is now avaiable to anyone, although I'm pretty sure something happened to spawn because there are enemies everywhere now, Weem, Forrest and Brandon have added some really cool stuff into the game! There is now a Boss which Forrest named Melvin, weem made sure we knew the name was Forrest's idea :P They didn't give me any info about the boss, besides the name and that weem voiced it (darn secretive developers) so I'll just have to wait for someone who actually knows how to play this game and reach Melvin....

Christmas is coming and with that comes more time for me to work on the wiki, so I'm looking forward to that, and if no one understood anything of what I wrote, all of you 0 readers, please forgive me, I'm writting this without looking....

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