Inspired by Eskinor!

The Eagle Blade is the fastest weapon in the game, the blade is carved like a Feather, the Hilt is made as to look like Eagle Wings and a Eagle Head as the Pommel. It's DPS is not as high as the Gold Blade, making it in terms of blade weapon's damage output the second best one.


Damage: 46

DPS: 96

Attack Speed: 0.50s

Knockback Ratio: 5 : 0

Max Targets: 1

Crafting RequirementsEdit

Origin Edit

Weem created a contest in the beginning of August, for the people to give him ideas for a new weapon, after receiving almost 40 entries for the contest, two weapons were chosen: Scrap Hammer by TuPpKaM a member of the Epic Inventor Forums and Eagle Blade by Eskinor, a member of the Terraria Forums.

Eagleblade ingame

Eagle Blade in action.